Client Testimonials

Client testimonials from past & present clients

Elsa Jimenez
Occupation: Social Work


My introduction to Brittany took place on October 14, 2010. She was highly recommended by the fitness director because she’s very knowledgeable and personable.  However, don’t let her angelic face fool you, she’s strict and stern when need be.

I meet with her three times a week for half an hour. When I began, I weighed 194 pounds with 39.9% body fat. After an intense month of weight training with Brittany and cardio on my own time I lost 9 pounds, 3.8% body fat, and 15.5 combined inches from my neck to my calves.

Brittany encourages you to choose a healthy diet but ultimately the choice is yours. However, if you want to see results listen and learn.  Brittany alternates different muscle groups which in turn burns fat. To burn fat one must do cardio at intervals or circuit training. Brittany will demonstrate the exercise, ask what muscle group you’re working and she’ll spot you when need be. She’ll push you to your limit not hers.  However, when your strain is visible she’ll encourage you to finish only because she knows you’re capable of finishing the task.

I continued to follow her directions and at my second weigh in on 12/15/2010 I lost 8 pounds, 1.7% body fat and 7 combined inches.  I went from a size 14 to a 10 in two months. I’m proof that with Brittany’s direction and self motivation body fat and inches will melt away. So, if total body transformation is what you’re seeking with good company then I highly recommend Brittany. She’s the reason why I’ve maintained my dedication. She makes working out fun and acknowledges your hard work. December 20, 2010

Vesta Meyers
Age: 57
Occupation: Sales Representative 

“I have worked with several trainers over the years, but Brittany is by far the best.  She distinguishes herself by designing workouts to be challenging, but doable.  The workouts are also tailor-made for me.  I asked her for a workout that I would feel comfortable doing on my own and she not only provided several, but mapped out the whole gym for me! 

I have been impressed with the depth of Brittany’s knowledge about fitness and nutrition.  On the rare occasion she doesn’t know the answer, she finds the information and follows up with me.

Brittany is flexible in changing our appointments to meet my schedule and she makes the most of our time together. I appreciate how she is always ready for me and doesn’t waste time in idle chit-chat, but gets right to business. I’ve noticed that when Brittany works with me or any of her clients, her attention is with her client, not her watch, her phone, or looking about the gym. She is professional.  Her personality is well suited to her job as a personal trainer – she is patient, considerate, and always friendly. Brittany sets an excellent example, too.  I often see her working out. 

I was reluctant to start a weight training program because my previous experiences had not gone very well.  But Brittany has changed all that with her frequent and sincere encouragement: “You’ve got this” or “good job” or “I forget how old you are.” (My favorite!)  Because of her support of my fitness goals, I no longer feel awkward or out of place in the gym. 

Since I began training with Brittany, I’ve become leaner, firmer, and stronger.  I feel confident about my fitness level and my ability to meet my fitness goals.  I started a size 14 and I’m currently down to a size 10.  I tried on size 8 pants recently and although they were tight, I got them up, zipped and buttoned!

I have nothing but praise for Brittany and I do not hesitate to recommend her." February 28, 2011

Esther Pabalan

Age: 37
Occupation: Sales

"I had the privilege of meeting Brittany about 3 years ago when I decided to buy some training sessions. I am in relatively good shape – and was not looking to lose a substantial amount of weight but I was looking for a trainer to teach me proper form.

I was originally assigned to a different trainer whom I liked very much, but he moved and Brittany took his place.  I am very glad we crossed paths because although Brittany only trained me for a few months (she moved away to college) her training remained consistent and before she left she gave me a list of exercises to do on my own.  I don’t think any other trainer would have done that. 

What I like about Brittany is that she is very knowledgeable and focused when she works.  She pushes you to work hard and keep the sessions fun by changing up the training routines.  When you work with Brittany she shows you that she is interested in your progression and wants your feedback to make sure she is doing her job to your satisfaction.  I highly recommend Brittany to anyone that is looking for a fitness trainer because she cares about her clients, where other trainers, I feel are not as committed to your fitness goals as they should be.  To this day I keep in contact with Brittany and ask her fitness questions constantly, and I still see the same dedication that I saw when I first worked with her." January 31, 2011

Lina Lee

Age: 30's
Occupation: Professor  

"I started working out with Brittany since September, 2010. I had been working out regularly (mostly swimming) for more than five years and was not in a bad shape. So when I signed up for a personal training last Fall, it was not in the hopes of a dramatic weight loss or a big change in my body shape. It was actually out of curiosity about weight training. I had never tried weight training before and thought it would be nice to learn how to properly use various machines.

It has been almost five months now and I am so satisfied with the result that these days I replaced almost all of my swimming hours with weight training hours.

My greatest weakness was the lack of strength in my upper body. I could not do even one push--‐up and the steel bar for the chest press machine was already too heavy for me. Brittany suggested focusing on working on my chest and shoulder strength and taught me various work out schemes that I can repeat on my own after each session. So I followed her suggestions and to my surprise I found myself doing ten push--‐ups without a break a couple of weeks ago. That was so great an accomplishment for me and that also opened my eyes to the effectiveness of weight training.

This would not have been possible if I could not enjoy the work out. I felt good about myself after each session with Brittany. Each session was challenging but not too challenging to make oneself give up, probably because Brittanyplans each session appropriate to my strength. Brittany is also very knowledgeable. Sometimes I ask her questions about methods to work on particular muscles or nutrition information. She gives you detailed information on the spot and sometimes emails you more information. I also appreciate that she encourages her clients to participate in many other various work out activities outside the session, for example cycling or yoga classes. All of these shows that Brittany cares about her clients." February 17, 2011

"It has been a month since I started working out with Brittany and I am glad that I made a decision to start training with a personal trainer. I have been swimming regularly for almost three years but there has been very little improvement concerning the speed or strength in my upper body. But after just one month of weight training, I can feel the difference when I swim. I feel that my arms are getting stronger and hence I swim faster. The measurement also showed that I lost 5% of body fat over month.

I like working out with Brittany. She pushes hard but not over one's limit that could make you give up. After each work out I feel good about myself for being able to complete the sets she assigned. She is very good at estimating my strength based on the work out and increases the weight slowly. I also appreciate that she is very friendly. It makes each session more fun." October 19, 2010  

Lauri Pitcher

Occupation: CPA 

"My name is Lauri K. Pitcher and I am 42 years old. I am a CPA so having Brittany keep me going during tax season is very helpful. I must keep my body healthy to keep my mind healthy. I really enjoy the variety in Brittany’s workouts. My best workout time is very early in the morning (5 – 6 am) and she is only one of two trainers who I’ve been able to count on to be there at that hour. 

Best of all I’ve lost about 14 inches overall!!  I highly recommend the training services of Brittany. You won’t regret it!" February 19, 2011

Hyatt Simons

Age: 22
Occupation: Realtor

“For most of my youth, I practiced Martial Arts and was a member of a competitive year-round swim team.  These sports gave me a solid athletic foundation.  However, when I went to college, I no longer had the opportunity to participate in organized and group sports and had to monitor my own physical activity routine at the gym.  After years of participating in group sports motivated by competition, peers, and coaches, I found it hard to push myself alone in the gym.  Additionally, I had never been one to spend time in the gym so I was not familiar with the exercises and routines available at my gym. 

I decided to work with a Certified Personal Trainer.  After consulting with a few trainers, I decided to work with Brittany because of her approachable nature, her genuine engagement with me as a client, and her wholesome knowledge of fitness.  My goal was to maintain a low level of body fat and while working to gain muscle mass.  Brittany coached me in how to achieve the results I wanted and treated me as a friend while pushing me to reach my fitness goals.

At the end of high school I was 5’9” and 150 pounds but gained 20 pounds in my first six months at college by lack of a dedicated fitness routine and dorm cafeteria food.  Brittany helped me lose those extra pounds and gain more muscle mass in the process.” March 08, 2011

Jill Brunken

Age: 30's
Occupation: Nurse

"Brittany McKean has been my personal trainer for nearly 7 months. We meet at least once a week for one-on-one workouts yet the instruction doesn't end there. Brittany designs personalized training and conditioning programs for me to do at home and at the gym. Her expertise in weight lifting, circuit training, cardiovascular endurance, core stabilization and nutrition has proved immeasurable. I am married and a mother of 2 young girls; 4 years and 6 years, so my time is limited and valuable. What we accomplish in our 30-minute face-to-face sessions is incredible. The workouts are extremely varied, physically challenging, yet very fun. She customizes my workouts to target what she feels is necessary but incorporates what I also feel I need to work on. She's great about working around my busy schedule, adaptable if I need to change or cancel and available to talk via phone, email, text, etc. at a moment's notice. Most importantly,...results! I didn't seek her instruction to lose weight, yet I have dropped a few pounds and lowered my body fat percentage. My main goals were to get stronger, look and feel more fit and increase my natural energy levels. I can honestly say she has done this and more. I feel great and my husband thinks I look "buff and beautiful" (his words, not mine). Overall, I enjoy working with Brittany and always look forward to our workouts. Our sessions are hard but gratifying and worth every minute."   March 14, 2011  

Sarah Noble

Age: 21
Occupation: Student

"When I finally begin my huge transition into weight loss I was 19 years old, barely standing at 5'4, and I was a whopping 277 pounds. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and I could not bare to look at myself. I have always been really close with my cousin Brittany, and since she was so into fitness and I knew how she helped others I reached out to her for her advice--even though I now lived in Washington. She and I kept in contact through the wonderful internet, web cam, chat etc. She would show me easy work out routines that I could do to get me started and always had really useful diet tips. I really appreciate everything she's done for me in keeping me motivated and supporting me through my weight loss challenges. About a year after I decided to change my life, I had finally lost 98 pounds and then kept going to continue my success. All together I had lost 117 pounds--and I could not be happier. Now I am 7 months pregnant and I know exactly who will be standing by my side after the birth of my daughter to help me shed this baby weight."
March 22, 2011 

Deb Bennett

Age: 60’s 

Occupation: Retired School Teacher

“So, y'all know I fractured my humerus the first week of January. I kept it pretty immobile for the first four weeks....but then I started doing range of motion exercises, guided by the trainer I use [...]. Yesterday I had the final appointment with the orthopedic doc and he was AMAZED at the range of motion I have-almost fully restored. He asked about strength work and I said we were just starting that. He expressed great admiration for my trainer and said she surely knows her stuff! Her name is BRITTANY MCKEAN [...]. If you want someone to kick your lazy butt into shape with Loving Kindness, she's the one to do it!!

March 22, 2013

”Just want to say that of the 8-10 personal trainers I've worked with over the last 15 years, Brittany is absolutely the best. She is the most focused, most knowledgeable, most professional, and most motivating of them all. Her attention to form is so important in not getting hurt and being able to increase strength and endurance. She has the perfect blend of personableness and professionalism.!! She's just great!”
July 13, 2012

Teresa T.  

Age: 40

Occupation: Administrative Assistant 


"I have been training since Jan. 2012. Brittany was not my first trainer. Had I known how amazing she is, I would have asked for her when I first started this process. I have only been training with her for a little over a month now. She is so encouraging. I have one session left, but I will be using what she has taught me from now on. If you want the best for your money, ask for Brittany."

Patti Ellis-Greenberg

Age: Late 20's 

Occupation: Weight Watchers Coach/Former Teacher


"Brittany is one of the best. When we began training I was pregnant and she took the time to research the proper ways for me to exercise and train. She is definitely well informed and great at her job!" August 07, 2012

Enrique Ostojic

Age: 30's 

Occupation: Air Reserves


"Hey Brittany I enjoyed your training and I will send picture later on I see that a lot of people have gotten better keep up the good work and I must say the best part of working out after the soreness is the feeling of strength." 
August 07, 2012

Thomas Haskell

Age: 32 

Occupation: Army Veteran/Student


NOTE: Since this client testimonial, Thomas has ACHIEVED his weight loss goal in less than half the time he thought it would take!


"Hello my name is Thomas and I have been working with Brittany for the last three months. I got out of the military 5 years ago and decided that exercise was no longer for me. After being forced to work out for five years straight sometimes taking a break becomes necessary. The problem lies in taking too long of a break.


Once I got out of the military I began to develop some bad habits, as far as my health was concerned. My eating became out of control and I did not exercise at all. My work was basically sedentary and I did not do much outside of the house. While in the military my weight was around 205 lbs. As the years passed by my weight began to increase. The increase was gradual at first 215, 230, 250, and topping out at 278 lbs. It was at this time I realized that I had to make some serious changed in my lifestyle. I decided to get a personal trainer and Brittany took me on as her project. 


When I began the program all I knew was my goal; I wanted to lose 73 lbs. over the course of a year. Brittany took my goal and formulated a routine to help me achieve it. Brittany has been amazing in all aspects of my training. There are two sayings from the military that I remember regarding physical training. 1. If you are not giving your full effort you are only cheating yourself. 2. You only get out what you put into it. Brittany encourages me to never give up and to always complete my repetitions. She provides me with positive moral support and I couldn't be happier. She changes my routine to accomodate my new goals and always challenges me to do more. The results have been almsost unbelievable. By altering my diet and the routines Brittany develops for me I have lost 53 lbs. in a mere 3 months. That is more than half way to my goal in less than 1/4th the time. She has helped shape my body the way I want it to look. I would recommend Brittany to anybody looking to lose weight or get physically stronger; as I have done both with her help." 

July 12, 2012


Ryan Rakib

Age: 20's
Occupation: Grad Student


"Everyone has their own specific goals & understanding that need and making it work requires a person with knowledge of different body parts & a clear cut plan which the trainer can push the trainee beyond the line to achieve it. 


Having said all that; Brittany McKean is the perfect person for the job. Motivated, enthusiastic, jolly, friendly - 4 words I would use to describe her and yet I would do injustice to her since she is just more than those...


If you want your trainer's help, you better sit down and talk about your weakness and strengths. Brittany would patiently listen to my blabbering about what I can and can't do; and after 15mins of speed talking; she knew what I would need. And her coming up with a brilliant way of making me work out which would not only help me achieve my goal but also make it fun (most of the time its like the same boring w/o you do everyday)!


Very few trainers follow up on their trainees. Brittany's weekly text regarding what she ate, does help me a lot choosing my groceries when I do them. 


The inspirations are not limited at at the training sessions... Brittany's asking to join her hiking expeditions to admire nature, cycle/spin classes to shape up your booty, pilaties classes to get that nice curve, etc... all are just a sign of a trainer who is devoted to help you achieve your goal and mostly a person who is pure in heart and spirit..." September 1, 2011

Patience Boudreaux

Age: 29

Occupation: Fundraiser

How were your first few sessions? Great! I’ve worked with other trainers and Brittany’s the first one to explain why I’m doing an exercise—what’s it’s working, how I can increase the intensity, what stretches to do afterward.

Any special modifications that the trainer did to accommodate your past needs? My mom and I both train with Brittany and she adjusts her training for my Mom to accommodate her bum knee and ankle in a way that empowered my mom to feel like she could still do things.

Fun, challenging or creative workouts? Brittan shared a rowing machine cardio workout for outside of our sessions that goes so quickly!

Accomplishments? Not measured yet…but I feel stronger and have more endurance.

Any Knowledge You’ve Gained/What You’ve Learned? Brittany helps you understand what muscle groups to work together and how to maximize each movement.

Why You Enjoy Working Out/Training? If I’m honest—I don’t like working out. But Brittany makes the time fly and I’ve seen a difference in my strength and endurance.

Any Specifics About Brittany You’d Like to Include? Brittany genuinely cares about her clients—she’s always giving us ideas to use outside of our sessions to keep our progress up. May 12, 2011


Henrietta Hamilton

Age: 62
Occupation: Teacher


 "It has been approximately one month since I joined the gym. After joining the gym, I also decided on getting a trainer. This decision has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. With the help, support, and extreme professionalism of my trainer I have been able to do weights, lifts, curls, squats, push-ups, stretches, and much more than I never would have done without the encouragement of my trainer. Even when I thought I could not do it my trainer always gave me the encouragement to at least try. From that I have expanded my reps and weights which will help tone me up and build upper body strength.


I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and see my trainer for 2 of those days. My regiment with my trainer is based on the questions during my first day at the gym. What do I want to accomplish? My response was immediate. I needed to lose weight, tone up, and build upper body strength, and endurance which I felt was not there at all. To start me off, measurements were taken of my calves, thighs, waist, chest, and upper arms, They also did a quick "fat" calculation.


My work routine rotates each time I come in. One day my trainer might have me work on my abs and upper boddy, and the next time I might work on my legs. Besides just telling me what machines to do, my trainer makes sure I know what strengths I am working on and what muscles are affected by it.Each of the routines are listed in my book so that I can keep track of what I am doing so that when I come in on my own time I will be able to know what I need to do.


On my second day with my trainer, I was put through several routines to see where my strengths were and where my weaknesses were and also how flexible I was or was not. This information was the gage that was used when my first month came around and I was put through this routine again to see if I had improved or where improvement still had to be done. I am proud to announce that I have made some major improvement but still need to work on my weight. To remedy this, my trainer suggested that I keep a journal of what I am eating for the next 10 days.


With the persistence and guidance of my trainer, I am slowly increasing my weights and reps. My trainer never fails to let me know what  good job that I am doing which gives me more incentive to do better.

The hardest part of the work out is doing the push up on my toes. I see improvement and it amazes me that I can do them at all. When I first came in I could not do any at all. I had to do it on my knees. My trainers always keeps an eye on me to make sure that I will not hurt myself and makes sure that I keep my abs in and work on my posture.

I have signed up for one year which I have no regrets. The feeling I have about my future with my trainer and the gym is similar to a child waiting to open presents Christmas morning. What will I find? I will definitely fnd a different and much improved, healthy, and toned up individual. Thanks to my trainer."

October 07, 2010 

Robert Mejia

Age: 50's
Occupation: Air Force 


"When I came to Brittany as an USAF member in getting into the new Air Force PT program, I was going to need some help in getting  in shape. In our first meeting we started out in the taping my body and ask of what problems I may have of any injury’s from the past that can or may stop my training.


   In the start of training, Brittany started off slow to make sure my limits are going to be OK and to see if am able to do the exercise and to start a good training plan to follow. There have been times I wanted to stop and give up but she had encourage me to continue. I know I have to gave it my all and I needed to show that I can do program and I had to give it my best. During our time I can see the improvement in my training and the strength I was gaining and folks at work can see what was happening to me. We had spent a lot of time together and a lot of hard training sessions and she had help me get the better results.

    When I ask her to do a taping on me to see were I was at, and to have an Idea if am able to take the upcoming PT test. On my first USAF PT test, I had fail the teston the taping part of the program, but I had pass the push and sit-up and run in good time and better than I expected. I told Brittany about it. You can see the sadness in her face. But the determination on my  face said we can do this. With more session and circuit training we were able to get the goal I needed to be.

   45 days later, I went in to get an assessment of the training we had been working on. As I was in there for the assessment I was told that I had pass the taping part and now if I wanted too I can take the retest again. Well I did take the test and max out my number’s and had even a better run time.

  With a lot of hard work any goal is possible with Brittany, she is a hard working trainer and can help reach those goals. With that you can put on yourself in her hands and trust. I want to thank her for the program and workout circuit that I continue to do."



Pam Steele 

Age: 62 
Occupation: Land Use Planner


"Getting in shape and losing weight seems to be a constant struggle between losing and gaining. 

Since I have been training with Brittany McKean – I have definitely been losing and gaining:


·                     Losing weight 

·                     Losing body fat

·                     Losing inches


·                     Gaining strength

·                     Gaining flexibility

·                     Gaining energy

  - All as a result of working with Brittany.  In the past three months I have lost 20 lbs.  Brittany has made the difference in the way I feel about working out.  She has given me the training and information so that I feel like I know what I’m doing and why – and I actually WANT to!

Brittany has excellent credentials already – but is constantly building on those through study, research, and being actively involved with her client training.  She is great at training through demonstration and encouragement – and challenge.  She knows when to push and how hard.  I have more energy than I’ve had for a long time!  I look forward to my workouts with Brittany and know what to do when I’m working out on my own.

I am 62 years old and my goal is to lose the weight I have put on over the past ten - fifteen years.  During that time I have lost and gained, lost and gained – a little bit.  I was starting to think that maybe I would just stay this size (yuck) and the best I could hope for was not to gain any more (bigger yuck!).  Now, as a result of Brittany’s training and encouragement, I know I can get back into a healthier, happier body!" 

Barbara Barry
Age: 31
Occupation: Environmental

"Brittany is a very knowledgeable and understanding trainer. I used to hate going to the gym, but after I started training with Brittany it became a fun and rewarding experience. I knew very little when I started training with her, but she has the patience to teach the workout, why you need the workout, what muscles your using, and how to do it appropriately to avoid injury. It's been an extremely enjoyable experience training with Brittany and I would recommend her to anyone who would like to get in shape." November 12, 2014